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27 February 2015 @ 11:52 pm
Verse Breakdown  

Canon: This covers anything from seasons 1-7 of Buffy and 1-5 of Angel including novels, as well as the season 8 comic for Buffy and the Angel and Faith comic.
-Malice: Malice falls under canon, but deals with themes either related directly to Go Ask Malice or as a result of. Excerpts can be found here

No Currently Active (defined) verses

Watcher/Cleveland:Faith is resident SiC (Slayer in Charge) of the Cleveland hellmouth. She, and a group of 23 slayers live in an apartment building owned by the Watchers council. Simon Marcelli (simon_ordained), a former priest, has been assigned as her watcher after a very complicated evening together. Buffy (gr8muppetyodin) has taken time away from being the Slayer General to move in and help tame the hellmouth. --This verse branches in two different directions with some factors remaining in common. With: simon_ordained, gr8muppetyodin, casualsin, survivingevil, shoesandstakes, glassesandgeek, wthutah, and get_my_slay_on

Hunted: The council was less than thrilled when they found out about Lucifer walking free and sent Faith after one Sam Winchester to find out what he knew and take him out. When the situation didn't sit right with her she warned him instead. Sam is likely_evil

Etre: Covers things directly related to events that take place in etrelibre_rpg.

Irony: All canon applies until the end of the third season of Buffy. Faith never wakes up from the coma on her own, instead, she sells her soul to Azrael for possession of her body. As a demon she and Az torture Buffy to death after the other Slayer defeats the First. Having worked her way up the ranks to secure a position for herself serving the royal family, Faith is regarded as a powerful player in Hell-- eventually having a daughter with Azrael, and a son with Michael. Currently inactive

SS: This is to indulge in pure crack. When Faith thought she was slaying a demon she was actually fighting a visiting alien. It attempted to escape by opening a portal back to its planet and the Slayer accidentally followed. Stranded not only on another planet, but in the future, Faith made her way to the nearest familiar thing she could find. It was a bar and it was where she met Jim Kirk. He offered her a place on the Enterprise until they could figure a way to get her back where she belonged. Poor Bones is the one that usually gets their asses out of trouble. With- captainjimk, drlmccoy, jmtooktheplanet, mccoy_joanna, jadeskin, ltnuhura
Blame etrelibre_rpg and the Six Impossible Things meme. This will mostly be reserved for writing.

Games: Faith can be found in etrelibre_rpg, isnt_it_ironic, sixwordstories, smuttysws, and just_postit

Winchester: Faith and Dean met in a bar before the apocalypse. A one night stand led to them teaming up... and a little girl they named Mary.
With- the_impala_kid, lost_myshoe, wedomyplan, stakesnsalt, and raisedbydemons

Hell: Faith and Dean are building a tenuous relationship, and she's familiar with the Hellgods. Dean is the_impala_kid {Retired}

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