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Faith Lehane
12 January 2012 @ 05:40 pm
Like my muse, music is a very important thing in my day to day life. Seeing as my day to day life includes RP, particularly RP with Faith, things like this happen. So! I present the following:

DL link, full size covers and alts behind the cutCollapse )
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Faith Lehane
10 January 2012 @ 11:54 pm
She'd been in Mystic Falls for less than twenty four hours and already ever plan she'd put into place had fallen to the wayside. Her plan to spend her first evening relaxing and blending in, maybe picking up some temporary entertainment in the form of a one nighter, and generally laying low had gone to shit. Oh, she'd managed to get a couple of drinks, even managed to find something sexy to catch her eye-- the "something sexy" just happened to be a vampire. Who was currently driving her to what passed for home while she was in town. So they could discuss the hybrid problem.

Faith certainly couldn't be accused of taking the expected route when it came to getting a job done.

Which was how she ended up back at her tiny little motel room with a vampire whose name she didn't even know. Something she should probably change if they were actually going to talk instead of fuck. It was a novel thought for her, really. Opening the door and nodding inside, she stepped through the door and wait on the other side.

"Come on in. It's not much, but it's roach free."
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Faith Lehane
She's been so good, so responsible, and on such a tight fucking leash that she's ready for something new when she sees him.

Something stupid.


Clothes are removed between the clash of lips and tongues and teeth; the door barely closed before he slams her to the wall to bury his face in the crook of her neck. That swipe of his tongue over her pulse sends sparks running through her, and she's switching their positions so that it's his back against the wall.

It's gratifying when his fingers move into her hair, catch the dark strands and then tug none too gently. He's not being careful with her, not treating her like something that might break, and it spurs her on. It spurs her into action and fuels that reckless desire that's been building, relentless in its demand to be acknowledged.

This is it. This is her outlet. The sex, the blood, the violence-- it's in the scratching of her nails down his back, the sting of his teeth in her neck, and the war their bodies stage on the battlefield she calls a bed. Release is the only victory, though neither of them count as winner or loser. They leave destruction in their wake, the tangle of sheets and bits of broken glass from where the lamp went crashing to the floor. She thinks there's nothing like this, no drug that could compare to the rush of adrenaline when you ride it in the face of every instinct telling you to run like hell.

This is how she flirts with intimacy. This is how she puts herself back together time and time again. Peace isn't an option for her, so she steals it in bits and pieces, like a thief.

This is hers, this moment of quiet. It's the moment at the scene of any massacre, when the shock is so strong, so overwhelming, that the survivors can't do more than gape at the landscape in front of them. She lives in these moments... only the one dying, is her. She finds all the ways to kill herself, to run herself down and string herself up. It isn't until you're dying that you have any kind of clarity or know if you were really alive.

They never know though. The nameless, faceless men she brings back. They aren't her future. They aren't anything but a temporary distraction.

Night always ends too soon and then it's over. The time for fun and games is done. Pretending isn't an option when the dawn comes because the truth is exposed with the rays of the sun. She's still the person she's always been.

Even if she doesn't know who that person is.

It's hard to see through the lies she tells herself, and maybe that's a lie, too. Maybe she just chooses not to see, not to face what it is she's really after because that only opens the door for more disappointment. Then again, maybe peace isn't all its cracked up to be. Not when war makes her feel so alive. In the light of the sun she crawls on top of him, and when he slips inside her, there aren't any shadows to hide in.

She'll be herself again come sunset, but in the meantime they'll battle it out until they're both casualties of her desire for more.
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Faith Lehane
15 April 2011 @ 12:22 pm
Crack Baby Meme!
Faith Lehane
27 January 2011 @ 07:43 pm

Take a trip to // SIN ISLAND!

Faith Lehane
06 January 2011 @ 01:17 am
Some of you may already know this and some of you may not so I'll try to address this quickly...

The mun behind the muse is married to an active duty marine, and we'll be gearing up for deployment number four *very* shortly. Unfortunately something like this isn't the kind of thing you really get used to no matter how many times you do it. =/ You might be asking yourself right about now what this information has to do with anything, which is why I'll tell you... for the next few days until the hubby leaves, I'm going to be logging some serious quality time with him and our boys. I will probably be extremely slow or absent entirely depending on when I get him and when he leaves. Any dropped threads aren't intentional/personal and I really adore and appreciate all of you for putting up with me. I can't guarentee I won't be a zombie for a little while because like I said before, deployments never get any easier, but I will try and get back into the swing of things when I've got my head on straight.

In summary- USMC, OORAH. Deployment = Very sad mun who might be a total flake about tagging, but still loves you guys for being amazing.
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Faith Lehane
02 December 2010 @ 10:09 am
I figured since I put the work into it, I might as well share it. =) Just a mix to help get you in a dancing kind of mood. It works for me at least.

Full size images behind the cutCollapse )

Download the mix!
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