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Faith Lehane
14 December 1980
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Faith Lehane was born December 14th, 1980 in South Boston, Massachusetts, to an alcoholic mother. At the age of four, her abusive father was imprisoned for murder, and Faith was raised believing he had died. As a child, Faith played with her imaginary friend Alex. Throughout her teen years, Faith had repeating dreams of her and Alex fleeing from a group of women, later discovered to be maenads. In the dreams, Faith was captured and tortured, both by the maenads and their master, The Father. These dreams were, in actuality, visions of the final days of Artemia, a Slayer from ancient Greece, and her daughter, Alexandra, who was killed by the Father. After being suspended for fighting, Faith lived alone for a time after her mother‘s drug arrest.

She was sent to a foster home where she discovered and killed her first vampire, the undead son her foster parents had been keeping chained in the attic. Faith fled, eventually discovering that her mother was working as a hooker under her sleazy boyfriend‘s orders. In an act of blind rage, Faith attacked her mother's john, smashing his head against the sidewalk. She was taken to the Belmont Center for observation, where she met Kenny, a young man with the rare ability to create tulpas; living representations of powerful memories, thoughts, or obsessions.

Faith was released from Belmont into the custody of Professor Diana Dormer, who would become her watcher when Faith was activated as a Slayer. Under Dormer, Faith began her Slayer-training, learning martial arts and weapon handling. It was during this time that she learned her mother had been found dead.

On May 12th, 1998, upon the death of Kendra Young, Faith obtained full power as a chosen one. During her time as the Slayer in Boston, Faith's visions became worse leading to a confrontation with her "imaginary" friend, Alex. She began having long blackouts, unaware of her surroundings or actions. As it turned out, Faith was, at least in part, possessed by the spirit of Artemia, who sought revenge on the Father for the murder of her child. With Professor Dormer and Kenny's aid, Faith was able to remove Artemia's presence from her body.

On June 20th, Kakistos, the Father, kidnapped Dormer to bait Faith into a confrontation. At her arrival, Kakistos killed the Professor by ripping her in two, and successfully captured Faith. Using her rage and the aid of Artemia's spirit, Faith was able to overcome both the Father and his minions, dealing Kakistos both a sword slash to the groin and an axe wound that cleaved his face in two, a wound that he would never completely heal from, before escaping.

With no Watcher to guide her and Kakistos likely on her tail, Faith fled for Sunnydale, California. On the bus out of Boston, Faith was confronted once again by "Alex," who cleared up the final questions regarding Faith's visions and Kakistos. Malice vanished, and Faith continued onward.

Where things went wrong….
After arriving in Sunnydale, Faith manages to stake Kakistos with Buffy’s help. Even though she initially endears herself to Buffy’s mother and friends, she still feels like an outsider in Buffy‘s world. Perceiving that Buffy doesn’t trust her further alienates the two until circumstances culminate in Faith’s accidental killing of Deputy Mayor Allan Finch. In complete denial over the killing, the situation spirals out of control when Wesley Wyndam-Pryce tries to arrest her with the help of the Watcher’s Council. Feeling isolated and bitter, she turns to Mayor Richard Wilkins III, filling the void of the Mayor’s “right hand man”, having killed Mr. Trick.

Faith comes to see the Mayor as a father figure, traveling down a dark path of deceit and murder while working for him. She’s exposed as a double agent, going on to poison Angel in an attempt to distract Buffy from getting in the way of the Mayor’s Ascension. The only antidote is the blood of a Slayer, and Buffy goes after Faith in order to save him. While Buffy manages to stab Faith in the abdomen, she isn’t able to capture her. Faith jumps from the roof of her apartment building onto a moving truck. The fight, and resulting damage from her fall, leaves her comatose in the hospital for eight months.

Faith regains consciousness and learns of everything that happened while she was incapacitated. Utilizing a magical device left to her by the Mayor, Faith switches bodies with Buffy and wreaks havoc until Tara realizes something is wrong and informs Willow. When she chooses to save a group of hostages from vampires instead of fleeing, Faith also encounters Buffy who has the same goal. Willow and Tara manage to reverse the spell, and Faith flees Sunnydale by hopping a freight train.

Making her way to Los Angeles, she rampages through the underworld before being contacted by Wolfram and Hart, who hire her to kill Angel. She kidnaps her former watcher and brutally tortures him. In the ensuing fight with Angel, she breaks down- insisting he kill her because she’s “bad”. Angel refuses, and begins the task of redeeming Faith. After a fight with the Watcher’s Council she voluntarily turns herself over to the police, finding a level of stability in prison.

Her time in jail lasts until Wesley asks for her help in restoring Angel’s soul. She breaks out to battle Angelus, and just before he defeats her, she injects herself with a powerful drug called Orpheus to incapacitate them both. While Willow works to restore Angel’s soul, the two go on a psychic mind walk with Faith close to death. During their psychic link up, Angel persuades Faith not to give up. She goes with Willow to Sunnydale to lend a hand to Buffy and the others once Angel is re-ensouled where Faith and Buffy eventually make peace with one another. The two women work together to defeat the First Evil, and activate all future Potential Slayers.

Faith has gone her own way in the fight against evil. In her main verse, she mostly follows canon- without referencing the Buffy season eight comics or the Angel and Faith spin off. While she is involved with other verses, she is always open to RP or storylines. Anything written in sixwordstories or smuttysws will be considered open unless otherwise labeled. All personal entries will be labeled according to Verse, with Open tags allowing for interaction with all interested muses. Feel free to contact the mun via private message, AIM, or leave a voicemail. Please see THIS POST for verse details.
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While she does thread with multiple versions of characters she might interact/have a verse with on a regular basis, she'll never "automatically know" a muse she hasn't played with before- canonmates excluded.(In other words if there are three versions of character 1, and she slept with 1a, she will not have slept with/know 1b or 1c.) All threads effectively serve as a clean slate unless prior interaction has taken place.

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